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Report of ENOAs General Assembly04

11 March 2004, Portugal

Present: Ana Silva, Silvia Volpi, Eugen Ghera, Ruta Dugstaite, Gaelle Guiton, Denis Morel, Luciano Romano, Girolamo Vicenti, Solene Boyaux, Eric Gautier, Gergana Dzhennova, Pieter-Jan Uyttusprot, Joanna Rybecka, Jusina Pinkivioiute, Nik Paddison, Ianis Guslens, Alexandra Geier, Laura de Witte, Liliana Danaricu, Sandra Gesualdo

A total of 20 members were presents with the right to vote, and 1 member (Emel Aydin) delegated her vote to Denis Morel. According to the law, for approving decisions or electing persons it is necessary half plus 1 of the votes, in this case 11 votes.

1. Election of the GA Bureau

There were 3 people interested in function of President, Vice-president and secretary. The voting process was secret(annexe no. 3). The results are: President: Laura de Witte Vice-President: Sandra Gesualdo Secretary: Liliana Danaricu In favour: 20 Abstention :1 Against : 0

2. New members

The GA Bureau presented the new members of Enoa: 3 organisations and 9 individuals (annexe no. 4). They were voted by unanimity(21 votes).

3. Financial Report 2003

The fiscal council (Luciano Romano and Eric Gautier) presented a short explanation on the financial report 2003 provided by the treasurer. The balance of the year is positive proving a global good management. The fiscal council made some recommendations for next year: they want to receive the copy of the invoices for one or two projects; they want to be informed when a project is approved in order to facilitate the communication between the fiscal council and the treasurer; Eric Gaultier proposed to evaluate financially the voluntary work of each members involved in the projects, in order to valorise the personal involvement. The members voted by unanimity(21 votes) for the financial report 2003.

4. The Activity Report 2003 Alexandra Geier, member of the Bureau, made a short presentation of the Report, and it was voted by unanimity(21 votes).

5. Joanna Rybackas resignment In order to respect the status of Enoa, Joanna Rybacka needs to resign of her mandate in the fiscal council, to be able to be elected in the Bureau.

6. Fiscal Council Election Gaelle Guiton presented her reasons to integrate the Fiscal Council. She was elected by secret voting by unanimity.

7. Bureau election According to the last GA, half of the Bureau members had to leave the Bureau to give the possibility to other members to share this responsibility. The members who left the Bureau are Nik Paddison, Alexandra Geier and Fabrice Le Flock. Nik Paddison presents his reasons to quit the Bureau and Denis Morel spoke in the name of Fabrice Le Floch.

The new candidates for the Bureau are: Joanna Rybacka, Solene Bouyaux and Alexandra Geier. Each candidate presented their motivation to be candidates. The vote was secret(annex no. 9) and the results are: Joanna Rybeka (17 in favour, 4 abstention ) Solene Bouyaux (20 in favour, 1 vote against) Alexandra Geier (19 in favour, 2 abstention)

8. President election

According to the status the mandates for the members of the bureau are 2 years. Anyway, in the internal strategy of Enoa, the president was always elected besides the bureau in order to have the legitimity of all the members presents in the GA. After a long discussion the GA decided to vote the idea that the president should be elected for one year, and agreed that in the agenda of the GA 2005, there will be a proposal to change the status in this way. The result was : 20 in favour,1 abstention After this decision taken, the Bureau presented one candidate for the position of the president: Denis Morel. He was elected as president and the result of secret votes was: 20 in favour, 1 abstention Eugen Gherga proposed that on the agenda of the GA 2005, we should also discuss that method of electing the president should be applied for all the roles inside the Bureau.

9. Long-term strategy

The President, Denis Morel, presented the long-term strategy document.

The results of the votes for the long-term strategy: 20 in favour, 1 abstention

10. Enoas projects 2004

Enoas projects for 2004 are: Youth Exchange (Silvia Volpi), Study Session (Anita Silva), Training in link with GA (Denis Morel) Mobility project (Eugen Gherga) It was notified that the preparation teams should include not exclusively the Bureau members, but also the person who propose a project and other members of the network. The results of the votes was: Youth Exchange: 19 in favour, 2 abstentions Study Session: 19 in favour, 2 abstentions Training in link with GA: 18 in favour, 3 abstentions Mobility projectd: 7 in favour,14 abstentions Notes: the mobility project was not approved by the majority of the members not because they do not agree but because they think that they need more informations.

11. Presentation of the cooperation and support projects 2004

The members of Enoa present in the

GA agreed that: - The projects in collaboration with Enoa for 2004 are : Action-Training in Lithuania and Action-Training in Romania. - The project with the support of Enoa is Short Study Visit in Nice(France). - the kind collaboration regarding the long term project in Altamura(Italy) needs to be defined

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