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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

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Report of ENOA´s General Assembly

April 2004, France

Dear friends and members

In this first newsletter after the general assembly, I would just like to write a little introduction in order to say a few things.

First of all I would like to thank all the members for putting their trust in me as new president. I see this as a big personal challenge that is waiting for me and I will do all I can do to do the best job!

The only way that I can promise you this, is because I am one part of the bureau and together we will try to continue to keep ENOA going in the good direction. In the same way as I speak of the bureau as an important body of ENOA I also want to say the same to all the members. For me all of us together are ENOA and I feel, that it is a responsibility of all of us to take care of it, to work together and to contribute in the ways we can.

The other important reason why I want to write this little introduction, is to express in the name of the bureau a feeling of gratitude. Looking at the new bureau and the members present during the general assembly, we felt that we have gone a long way since the creation of ENOA. As things and people change, we just wanted to say an official "thank you" to some persons who did a lot for ENOA, going from inventing it, creating, carrying at certain moments, investing in it and contributing to it. This little thank you goes especially to Nik Paddison, Silvia Volpi, Anita Silva and Denis Morel. Each of them had - and has - an important role in the creation and evolution of ENOA. Thanks to all their efforts, the network is now ready for a next phase, with new persons to take over some of their roles.

And we believe, that the fact that we have reached this point in which new persons can take over and find there place is a good sign, that ENOA is staying coherent with its values and believes, and that we are all together a healthy network.

Because ENOA wouldnt be the same without your contribution, we want to say a special thank you: Thank you Nik, thank you Anita, thank you Silvia and thank you Denis ! Big kiss, from ENOA For the bureau, P.J. Uyttersprot

Training Course + General Assembly

From 4th to 12th of March 2005 took place in Erquy - Bretagne - France, the training course "Promoting sustainable youth participation from local to European level"

This training need had been expressed by local organisations and youth workers linked with ENOA to work on youth ideas formalisation and support, guiding and follow-up of youth initiatives. The group selected by the bureau, based on different criterias fixed in the statutes, actively participated in the topic issues, sharing competences and knowledges in order to find a common strategy defining steps to promote sustainable youth participation. Regarding their needs and the long-term strategy of the network, the bureau comes out with the idea of continuing to work on those steps in the next training course conciliating theoretical knowledge and some action.

The General Assembly, 11/03/2005

2.1- Election of the GA Bureau

There were 3 people interested in these functions so after voting the GA bureau for the year 2005 are: President: Luisa Borhina Vicepresident: Justina Pinkeviciute Secretary: Raluca Hernea

2.2 - Presentation+vote of the Activity Report 2004 The annual activity report 2004 was presented by Solène Bouyaux to read have a look on the website And was approuved 2.3 - Presentation+vote Financial Report The financial report was presented by Silvia Volpi. She presented the budget and the types of costs (outcomes and incomes) in ENOA and was approuve.

2.4 - Election of the Fiscal Council This is according to the Portuguese law an obligatory body of the network. Three persons who are not members of the Bureau and no GA bureau members with a 2 years mandate. Their role is to make sure that ENOA finances are transparent, clear and correct. One of the members of the fiscal council who was elected last year was Gaelle Guiton and, since she didnt finish her mandate and she didnt express the will to get out of the fiscal council, the members voted for 2 candidates: Ilze Bartkevica and Marian Ancuta.

2.5 - Election of the Bureau members

This year the mandate of 4 persons of the bureau was finished: Anita, PJ, Silvia, and Denis Denis has been bureau member for 6 years so he could not represent himself, Anita and Silvia chose not to represent themselves. PJ represented himself. 4 persons were candidate to enter in the bureau and the 4 of them were elected: The new members are Ana-Tica, P.J., Laura, and Fabrice.

The bureau is composed by

Uyttersprot Pieter-Jan Geier Alexandra Rybacka Joanna Fernandes Ana-Tica Bouyaux Solene De WitteLaura Le Floch Fabrice

- Election of the President

As Denis was President in ENOA for 6 years and he cannot stay in the bureau anymore he also can not stay President according to the ENOA status, so there had to be a new president elected Pieter-Jan Uyttersprot was elected president

2.7. Presentation and vote of ENOA projects

The GA have vote in favor of

Next GA + training: Regarding at the needs of the members of ENOA and the work done till now in Enoa around the youth active participation, the bureau had propose to give the opportunity to the members of the network to reflect and experiment around the differents steps of the process of Active youth participation define together. So the idea of the training of next years is to go deeper in the first steps of this process that is the diagnostic of the place. During this next training it will be the opportunity to have a theoretical and practical approach of this diagnostic (regarding the different levels of diagnostic existing, the different tools ...) And this training will give also the possibility for the members of the network each year to re-analyze the process of youth active participation. Date: Mai-June Place: has to be decide

Contact-making seminar:

The network have the wish to open is reflexion and action to other organization that are working in direct link with young people trying to promote in their way of working the youth active participation in order to share point of views, tools, and methods together., to work on the vision of the youth active participation and to create news ideas, new project together. (Create a network with the network). Date: January February Place: Poland

And against:

The Mobility Project, the idea of the project is interesting, but it is not related to the action of ENOA.

The Study-session was presented The study session will happen from 19 to 25 of September 2005. This project has as objectives to evaluate the action of ENOA since the creation, to have external point of view and to define news perspectives regarding at this evaluation, and to formalize this in a book with a presentation of the action of the network, an analyze of the tools use, and a pedagogical kit with a compilation of tools use by Enoa in his actions. This project will take place in Strasbourg in the European Youth Center

2.8 - Cooperation projects

2.8.1 - AT in Romania (presentation


Luisa Borhina made a short description of the project that its going to be held in Romania. She explained that this idea came out after a AT in Poland, Olsztynek, where she was participant together with another person from Romania: Liliana DAnaricu. Regarding this project there has been the feasibility visit in Tirgu-Jiu, but since then there have been some changes in the local community and especially in the organization that we wanted to apply firstly. So, the project will be applied in October this year through Marians organization. The team of the project has been established mostly: PJ, Solene, Liliana, Marian, Luisa is sure in the team + Rodrigo from Portugal and maybe Fabrice. We have started working on the application but we still need to work on it. And during the training before the GA we have worked on a strategy of linking/networking the organizations/institutions in Tirgu-Jiu. We (Luisa, Lili, Marian) will work on this and in summer there will be a meeting in Tirgu-Jiu with all the institutions that work directly with youngsters and are more relevant for the project in Tirgu-Jiu. PJ and Solene might be there during this meeting.

2.8.2 - AT in Lithuania (presentation)

Ruta Dukstaite shortly presented about coming up AT in Lithuania organized by In Corpore in cooperation with ENOA. The idea came up after attending Action Trainings in Italy, Poland, and Latvia. In the previous GA+ training Lithuanian participants came with the idea to organize the AT. ENOA members agreed on it. During this year In Corpore submitted application YOUTH PROGRAMME and the project "Give an Opportunity" was submitted. AT will take place in Vilnius, Pasilaiciu district from 13 to 24 of June, 2005.

2.8.3 - Bulgaria project (have receive the agreement of the GA)

Since last year Gergana is working on the idea to promote the youth active participation in his working using Action training as a tool, this year with Dessi they have work more in the global process they would like to implement in their place The proposed Project is a long-term process that we propose to hale several steps. The proposed steps are the following: Identifying a local youth organization to be a partner in the process Involving them in the process by inviting them to participate in an Action Training in Vilnius in June 2005. Encourage them to involve other local stakeholders to be involved so that they can develop as a local network. Preparing the community by running a workshop on Active Youth Participation, Empowerment, Networking attended by key local actors. Feasibility Visit aiming to make first contact with the local community and identify possible need of running an intervention to promote Active Youth Participation, e.g. AT. If yes, Action Training

Follow-up activities

Their role in this process (Gergana and Dessi as part of Organisational Support Foundation)- to be the link between ENOA and the Bulgarian project, to transfer the methodology into Bulgarian context


2.9 - Support projects

Ruptura (This project receive the agreement of the GA) A long process by youth exchange with youth in difficulties Main Aim: break the daily life by extract youth, who are in social or cultural or any kind of exclusion, of their environment in order they take distance about themselves and begin to build personal projects. Target group: 20 boys or girls, from 4 different countries who are in social exclusion (4 by country) Countries:Italia - Maria Tereza, Portugal -Rita, Romania -Uka, France - Marine, Island In the project will participate from each country youth workers with experience in working with young in social exclusion. The youth workers that will take part in this process have to be already involved in a long time educative process. In order to support the young people before, during and after the process.

Description of the process: All the process will use the fact to take pleasure, adventure as a tool to work on themselves.

First youth exchange: autobiographic approach to know better themselves and to take a distance of their life to know the other of the group to know more deep the process Second youth exchange: To identify their needs an dreams 3. Third youth exchange: clarify how to pass from idea, wish, to concrete and realistic projects to work on the fourth exchange: what they would like to do…

4.Fourth youth exchange:

It will be decided by the youngsters, what they need for making their own projects Chronology: The process will take one year and will be 4 youth exchanges, one in each country The dates are not define yet because we have to investigate in our reality the realistic dates The exchanges will last between 7 and 10 days long The needs from ENOA Support with advice, similar experience A session of evaluation in order to open this experimentation for other similar project

ENOA in France

The generaly assembly voted on the moving of the official seat of ENOA from Portugal to France. The main reasons for this was a better management of the network, because of the difficulties with the Portuguese Burocracy, there has been proposed to have the official head-quarter of ENOA in France and to keep the one in Portugal as a branch of ENOA.

4. The Youth exchange of Enoa in Firenze

"Motivation, a key issue to make young people active in civil society from the point of view of the youngsters themselves"

Just after the training in Erquy we started a bit tired but with a lot of positive energy the youth exchange. With youngsters from Olsztynek in Poland, Ogre in Latvia, Cascais in Portugal, Vilnius in Lithuania and Florence in Italy we were together for 7 days in the idealistic environment of Scarlino, a little village in Toscany, Italy. The idea of the exchange was to work on little local projects of the young people based on needs in there local realities. The group was a beautiful mix of young energy, experienced youngsters but all had in common the motivation to act ! So during the week we worked together in order to put the dreams and ideas into concrete action plans and some of the final results were : Italian lessons for immigrants, the restoration of a basketball field / hangout place in Vilnius, bicycle parking places in Olsztynek, a little concert in Ogre and for the group of Cascais who already had a good functioning association we worked on improving some strategies and on the planning of some of their projects. By this way I would like to congratulate all the participants for their hard work during the week and to wish each one of them good luck and motivation to go all the way with the projects.

During the week the group had a very positive way of working and being together which resulted in some very nice moments, due to the different levels of English the group was faced with a communication problem which was from day one resolved thanks to the music as a common language and of course also this resulted in some noisy but great moments. By this way we want to say thank you to Veb Accademia Europea and in particular Silvia and Roberto for the perfect organisation on the spot ! And also a big thank you to the team of the exchange who worked very hard and very late in order to insure the best adapted and possible programme each and every day and I think we succeeded quite well !

The team,

Enoa future projects:

The ENOA study session: "Capitalisation, conceptualisation, confrontation and contribution for Youth empowerment in Europe"

A little news about the planned study session of ENOA

As some of you already know the study session was approved and will take place in the European Youth Center in Strasbourg from 19 to 25 of September 2005.

The team will be composed by : Silvia Volpi, Anita Silva, Pieter - Jan Uyttersprot and as external pedagogical advisor : Miriam Lexmann.

For questions

The team is actually in the preparation process and will give more concrete information on content, participation and organisation in the following months.

please contact Anita Silva, project coordinator :

6. 2005 Bureau meetings

The next bureau meeting will be in Firenze the 4-5 june 2005

And the 26 and 27 of september 2005 in France. From the Bureau

Report of ENOA´s General Assembly 11 March 2004, Portugal

Present: Ana Silva, Silvia Volpi, Eugen Ghera, Ruta Dugstaite, Gaelle Guiton, Denis Morel, Luciano Romano, Girolamo Vicenti, Solene Boyaux, Eric Gautier, Gergana Dzhennova, Pieter-Jan Uyttusprot, Joanna Rybecka, Jusina Pinkivioiute, Nik Paddison, Ianis Guslens, Alexandra Geier, Laura de Witte, Liliana Danaricu, Sandra Gesualdo

A total of 20 members were presents with the right to vote, and 1 member (Emel Aydin) delegated her vote to Denis Morel. According to the law, for approving decisions or electing persons it is necessary half plus 1 of the votes, in this case 11 votes.

1. Election of the GA Bureau There were 3 people interested in function of President, Vice-president and secretary. The voting process was secret(annexe no. 3). The results are: President: Laura de Witte Vice-President: Sandra Gesualdo Secretary: Liliana Danaricu In favour: 20 Abstention :1 Against : 0

2. New members The GA Bureau presented the new members of Enoa: 3 organisations and 9 individuals (annexe no. 4). They were voted by unanimity(21 votes).


. Financial Report 2003 The fiscal council (Luciano Romano and Eric Gautier) presented a short explanation on the financial report 2003 provided by the treasurer. The balance of the year is positive proving a global good management. The fiscal council made some recommendations for next year: they want to receive the copy of the invoices for one or two projects; they want to be informed when a project is approved in order to facilitate the communication between the fiscal council and the treasurer; Eric Gaultier proposed to evaluate financially the voluntary work of each members involved in the projects, in order to valorise the personal involvement. The members voted by unanimity(21 votes) for the financial report 2003.

4. The Activity Report 2003 Alexandra Geier, member of the Bureau, made a short presentation of the Report, and it was voted by unanimity(21 votes).

5. Joanna Rybackas resignment In order to respect the status of Enoa, Joanna Rybacka needs to resign of her mandate in the fiscal council, to be able to be elected in the Bureau.

6. Fiscal Council Election Gaelle Guiton presented her reasons to integrate the Fiscal Council. She was elected by secret voting by unanimity.

7. Bureau election According to the last GA, half of the Bureau members had to leave the Bureau to give the possibility to other members to share this responsibility. The members who left the Bureau are Nik Paddison, Alexandra Geier and Fabrice Le Flock. Nik Paddison presents his reasons to quit the Bureau and Denis Morel spoke in the name of Fabrice Le Floch. The new candidates for the Bureau are: Joanna Rybacka, Solene Bouyaux and Alexandra Geier. Each candidate presented their motivation to be candidates. The vote was secret(annex no. 9) and the results are:

Joanna Rybeka (17 in favour, 4 abstention ) Solene Bouyaux (20 in favour, 1 vote against) Alexandra Geier (19 in favour, 2 abstention)

8. President election According to the status the mandates for the members of the bureau are 2 years. Anyway, in the internal strategy of Enoa, the president was always elected besides the bureau in order to have the legitimity of all the members presents in the GA. After a long discussion the GA decided to vote the idea that the president should be elected for one year, and agreed that in the agenda of the GA 2005, there will be a proposal to change the status in this way.

The result was : 20 in favour,1 abstention After this decision taken, the Bureau presented one candidate for the position of the president: Denis Morel. He was elected as president and the result of secret votes was: 20 in favour, 1 abstention Eugen Gherga proposed that on the agenda of the GA 2005, we should also discuss that method of electing the president should be applied for all the roles inside the Bureau.

9. Long-term strategy The President, Denis Morel, presented the long-term strategy document. The results of the votes for the long-term strategy: 20 in favour, 1 abstention

10. Enoas projects 2004 Enoas projects for 2004 are: Youth Exchange (Silvia Volpi), Study Session (Anita Silva),

Training in link with GA (Denis Morel) Mobility project (Eugen Gherga) It was notified that the preparation teams should include not exclusively the Bureau members, but also the person who propose a project and other members of the network. The results of the votes was: Youth Exchange: 19 in favour, 2 abstentions Study Session: 19 in favour, 2 abstentions

Training in link with GA: 18 in favour, 3 abstentions

Mobility projectd: 7 in favour,14 abstentions Notes: the mobility project was not approved by the majority of the members not because they do not agree but because they think that they need more informations.

11. Presentation of the cooperation and support projects 2004

The members of Enoa present in the GA agreed that: - The projects in collaboration with Enoa for 2004 are : Action-Training in Lithuania and Action-Training in Romania. - The project with the support of Enoa is Short Study Visit in Nice(France). - the kind collaboration regarding the long term project in Altamura(Italy) needs to be defined

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