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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

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Report of ENOA s General Assembly of 2003

Present :

Bureau: Denis Morel, Nik Paddison, Alexandra Geier, Silvia Volpi, Pieter - Jan Uyttersprot

Members: Eric Gaultier, Tommy Boden, Sonia Breda, Aleix Arranz, Fillipo Lange, Bobby - Jo Haarhoff, Janis Guslen, Ingibjörg Valgeirsdottir, Solène Bouyaux, Eugène Gherga, Luciano Romano, Mino Vicenti, Emanuelle Nargi, Joanna Rybacka

Members apologised: Anita Silva, Fabrice Le Floch,

A total of 19 members with the right to vote.

Order of the General Assembly :

Election of the general assembly bureau

1/ Changes in the statues + voting 2/ Annual activity report 2002 + voting 3/ Financial report 2002 + voting 4/ The fiscal council + voting 5/ Open discussion on ENOA 6/ The recommendations for the future : 6.1 Action trainings 6.2 Youth Exchanges 7/ The Project Kit 8/ Future projects : 8.1 action training 8.1.1 Latvia 8.1.2 Florence 8.2 Research dimension 8.3 European House 8.4 Partnership with and in ENOA

The report :

- The general assembly bureau : According to the Portuguese law the general assembly can not be managed by the bureau of the network. So we voted a GA bureau with a legislation of 1 year who will take this task. This bureau is constituted by a president, a vice president and a secretary. There were 3 people interested in these functions. After voting the GA bureau for the year 2003 are: President: Ingabjorg Vice president: Eugen Ghera Secretary: Solène Bouyaux The results of the votes : 19 in favour.

1/ Changes in the statues + voting

The changes in the statues were due to 2 reasons: first to be in order with the Portuguese law and second there was an update due to the evolution in Enoa since the beginning.

Also a change was made on the duration of the bureau mandates in order to arrive at the point were there will be an alternation in the bureau to prevent sudden changes in the constitution of the bureau. After voting the decision was as follows: + Next year half of the bureau will be given an extra year and the other half have to be chosen again. So as of next year every year half of the bureau will be open for new or old candidates. This proposal was voted 10 votes in favour and 9 abstentions. + One new thing also added to the statues was concerning the facilitating of people coming to the GA. This means a financial support (reimbursement of travel costs) in order to make it possible to attend the GA. There is a list of criteria for choosing the people who will be facilitated. The bureau will look at the applications, then make a proposal of those people and then the GA bureau will look at this list, if they agree those people will be facilitated to attend the GA. This proposal was voted with : 15 in favour and 4 abstentions. The changes in the statues were presented and voted on and they past with 16 votes in favour and 3 abstentions.

2/ Annual activity report 2002 + voting

The activity report was presented and voted: 19 in favour

3/ Financial report 2002 + voting

The financial report was presented and voted: 17 in favour and 2 abstentions As ENOA doesnt have the aim to make profit, the bureau made a list of priorities for what we could use the money in the future. We all agreed on this list and it is up to the bureau to evaluate the financial situation and to make choices.

4/ The fiscal council + voting

This is, according to the Portuguese law, an obligatory body of the network. The fiscal council are three persons who are not bureau members and not GA bureau members with a 2 years mandate and their role is to make sure that ENOAs finances are transparent, clear and correct. After voting the 3 persons separately for the next 2 years, the fiscal council members are : Luciano Romano, Eric Gautier and Joanna Rybacka.

5/ Open discussion on ENOA

The members could ask the bureau and the general assembly some questions they had on ENOA.

+ Why not use the Youth centres for study sessions ? This could be a good thing to keep in mind for the future if ENOA should need such a study session. The group that works around the research dimension could take this into consideration, also the partnership group maybe.

+ For future GAs, to look for a way (if it comes up) to try to facilitate to as many persons as possible their coming to the GA. Even if this means not a 100% reimbursement of everybody? We talked about it and it says a matter for the bureau and the GA bureau to decide about this in the future (looking at the priorities in the statues). There was also said that maybe the money in ENOAs bank account could be used for this. But also here, there exists a list of criteria to use this money (see 2. financial report)

+ Bobby Jo suggested a communication group. As this already sort of exists, we proposed to keep in touch with Alexandra Geier and Solène Bouyaux.

+ The follow up of Celorico and Bosnia: The question came again if we could use some of the ENOA money for the follow up of these projects. And also how we want to organise a follow up? Nik and Anita as referent of the projects will try to contact them in order to know what has happened and what could be a possible follow up.

6/ The recommendations for the future

6.1. Action trainings: During the meeting in Altamura a document with guidelines was produced for future action trainings done by ENOA. Please see at material.

6.2. Youth exchanges : The same for future Enoa youth exchanges. Please see at material.

7/ The Project Kit

Silvia worked on a kit that can help to organise future actions of ENOA. This kit has financial and pedagogical tools. She will continue this work and it will be presented on the next GA.

8/ Future projects

8.1 action training For the moment these are the only two proposals made and approved, if the bureau receives other proposals before next GA the bureau has the authority to decide if it could be an ENOA project or not.

8.1.1 Latvia: Janis presented his project and it was voted : 17 in favour

8.1.2 Florence: Silvia presented her project : 17 in favour

8.2 Research dimension

During the previous days a group started working on the research dimension of ENOA. This to collect our methods and tools and also to try to work with external experts to develop our work, our vision on animation, to evaluate what we do and to put all of this together in a written document (book). We all agree that this is something we should do so the group continues their work and explores what can be done.

8.3 European House

Two votes for the European House after explaining the situation in Altamura were we just had a meeting with some town council members.

1/ Do we continue the process started 1 year ago looking at the new elements in the dossier ? Votes : 16 in favour

2/ Do we keep on exploring other possibilities while continuing the process in Altamura ? Votes : 16 in favour

8.4 Partnership with and in ENOA

There was a big discussion on which project is an ENOA project and which is not. In the beginning of the project not all projects were given the same attention and this lead to misunderstandings and bad feelings that could have been avoided. This also needs clarification for everybody on what is possible in terms of partnership. There was a group of volunteers ( Eric, Bobby Jo, Eugen, Inga ) who wanted to think on this, we need to make this clear before the next GA. They keep in mind the idea of a study session in one of the youth centres. At the end some proposals of partnerships were explained, not voted because they are not ENOA projects. Tommy Boden: The idea of a Youth Exchange in Sweden , but the idea is not clear yet.

Aleix Arranz: To do something in link with the Mostar festival but it was a request to individual members of ENOA, not a partnership with ENOA.

Luciano Romano: The idea of a training in France around social exclusion. He would like to use the name ENOA more as a support on the application. No problem here.

Emanuelle Nargi: A youth exchange in Italy with Sweden, Slovakia, France, Spain and Italy. The project will be around the topics immigration - emigration. He does not ask for ENOA partnership.

The assistant of the G.A. bureau secretary.

17.03.2007. 21:35

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