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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

Don´t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

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General Assembly Report 29th September 2007 Ptuj Slovenia

General Assembly Report

29th September 2007 Ptuj Slovenia

1. 10:00 Offical Opening of the GA.

14 members of ENOA (individual and organization) were present at the GA and 5 members gave their votation representation to other people ( Solène to PJ, Laura to Paulina, Fabrice to Gaelle, Melis to Basak and Lili to Marian).

The final count gave us that we were 19 members of ENOA.

2. Presentation of the GA Bureau

Presentation of Daniel Dumitrascu, Gaelle Guiton, Ozlem Basak Aytac, who were elected on 29th September 2007.

3. Activity Report of 2007 of ENOA

We started with presentation of the Activity Report of 2007 by PJ and he talked about the 2 meetings of Bureau in Plelan Le Grand(January) and the one in Ptuj just before the GA, where the Bureau:

- Decided to split tasks between the bureau members.

- Talked about possible local groups dynamic, some already met in some countries ( Latvia , Portugal , Poland and France ). 

- No Book(manual for passing knowledge/methodology through practical ENOA actions ) in the sleeping that means no No Book for the moment.

- Communication tools were presented (web, forum, blog) and wondering why members are not using them

This year the feasibility visit was the first step of the wish of ENOA to build the large scale project: 8 countries where present to represent their local territories they want involve in the process.

The activity report of ENOA of 2007 is approved by 19 Favour vote.

4. Financial Activity Report of ENOA in 2007

Paulina explained us the financial report and we learned that we have over 21.000 Euro in our bank account at the moment.

Financial Report was approved by 19 favour votes.

5. Discussion on Future Direction of ENOA

The members had a long discussion on these subjects

How to work better in network? We talked about the communications tools of ENOA, that it could be great to use them more for communication inside the network, to exchange about good practices at local level… Also when a member need information to make a project the idea is to send the question to all members and not only to the bureau (we all have different experiences, knowledge that we can share!!!). Part of the discussion where also link to how each member can link ENOA with its local reality to develop more concret connexion with our daily involvement and ENOA.

Network of territories! To continue on the same field, ENOA propose a large scale project in order to develop active youth participation in different territories. The idea is also that in the countries, regions, territories that are not involved in the large scale may be each member can try to involved their territories in ENOA. This discussion was about the problem of representation of the members in ENOA, GA for example. The idea to involved our territories of action is also in order to pass the flow and developped a network of territories than can complete the actual network of individual.

Theory making process and experimentations. We were sharing the wish of different members that in one hand want to continue to be train, and work on theoretical level (Erquy process and new topics); and in the other hand the wish to linked this theory with experimentations and futures projects. Some proposal where also to work more one concrete tools that members can adapt at local level.

This points where not voting, but contributed to the reflection of the future of ENOA.

6. Presentation and Voting of the ENOA Projects and cooperation projects.

During the training participants came up with new ideas of some projects and we already had ideas of projects from ENOA. First we presented ENOA projects and voted on them:

The first project was the Study Session on the Large Scale and PJ explained the idea again. The project was approved with 19 votes in favour.

The second ENOA project was the Training/Contact which will be held in Romania linked with GA on the third phase of Erquy Process: “Net Working ?”. Gaelle present shortly and we had a little time of questions and answers. The project was approved by 19 favour votes.

As for this two project we will make application for the Council of Europe we notice that the Study Session is prioritar.

Afterwards, we passed to the cooperation projects of ENOA;

PJ explained that after cooperation project will be voted, the network and the bureau should think about who is interesting to support.

First one was the training course on this phase of Active Youth Participation: contacting Young People include different level of participant that Magda ( Spain ) want to realise. This idea is borne during the Training.

The cooperation proposal was approved by 16 favour and 3 abstention votes.

The second idea was the training about youth center that Emilia’s organisation will caring. The idea is approved by 16 favour 3 abstention votes.

7. Election of the Bureau

In last GA Solène, Paulina, Marian where elected. According to the status of ENOA, the number of the members of the bureau should be impairing. 4 people where presenting their candidature:

PJ: it will be the last time (6 years in the bureau). He wants to prepare with the bureau how to continue and give the flow for the presidency, and also contribute to create and develop this project of large Scale. Elected with 19 votes in favour.

Laura: (presenting by PJ), she was involved since the beginning of ENOA. She’s contributing a lot, linked with her experiences on Youth active participation, social work and her territory is also involved in the Large Scale project. Elected with 18 votes in favour and 1 abstention.

Asia: she was in the bureau before and really want to continue. She really believe in the values of ENOA and want to continue to work together. Elected with 19 votes in favour.

Fabrice (presenting by Ouroun), after long question mark about his diponibilities (families, other project…) want anyway to continue in the bureau because he also believe in the values of ENOA. Elected with 19 votes in favour.

With the final decision of Bureau, our new Bureau members are PJ, Laura, Asia and Frabrice. Congratulations to all new members, welcome to the Bureau J

Election of the President

After the election of the new bureau members, the bureau had a quick meeting in order to propose a president candidate. The bureau came up with the proposal of PJ again.

After the votation, our new president was PJ with 19 votes unanimity. Congratulations PJ!!!! I guess we love you J

8. Concerning the other projects,

Other project came up during the training and want to have the support of ENOA:

Traditional Carnival in Ptuj – youth exchange in February 2008; proposed by Magda, Anja & Jasmina ( POVOD NGO)

Project in Cyprus .

9. Official Closing of The GA

Since the agenda was completed the GA Bureau closed officially the General Assembly 2007 of ENOA.

Welcome again to all new members! And don’t forget be the change you want to see!




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