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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

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General Assembly Report 06

24th November 2006 Bankya Sofia~

1. 09.30 Offical Opening of the GA.

22 members of ENOA were present at the GA and 6 members gave their votation representation to other people. The final count gave us that we were 28 members of ENOA.

2. Presentation of the GA Bureau

Presentation of S. Melis Mani, Janis Guslens and Denitsa Hristova who were elected on 23th November 2006.

3. Reading the messages of absent members of ENOA,

Denis Rita Emel Alex Gael Which they all were sharing their thoughts and wishes with ENOA members on enlarging the approach of ENOA, new challenges expecting ENOA and best for wishes.

4. New member votations

New members of ENOA who were Roberto Toscano, Liliana Danaricu, Janis Guslens, , Natali Nikolova, Hristina Gogova, Denitsa Hristova, Valentina Angelova, Marina Dzhelepska and the organization member Anime et Tisse (Amandine Omar, Solene Bouyaux, Alexandre le Bohec, Gwenola Bevan, Marine Laffay, David Margueritte ) their membership is approved with unanimity.

5. Membership Fee Discussion.

Fiscal Council Members of ENOA Ilze and Marian made a proposal on a new membership fee where they proposed 20 Euros for Individual members and 50 Euros for Organization members. Afterwards the discussion started and new proposals made by Fabrice, PJ, Laura and Gergana. Fabrice and Laura proposed 10 Euro at least for individual members which they could contribute more, and 30 Euro at least for Organizations which they also could contribute more. PJ proposed 20 Euro for Individual and 40 Euro organization and Gergana proposed 15 Euro individual and 40 Euro for Organization which all of them were negotiable if there was a need. We voted all of them and the propose of Ilze and Marian were rejected with 16 Against, 6 Favour, 6 Abstain votes. Afterwards GA decided to vote first the individual fee and then the organization fee separately. And 10 Euro Individual fee is accepted by 24 Favour, 1 Abstain and 3 Against votes where 30 Euro Organization fee was accepted by 24 Favour, 3 Against and 1 Abstain. So at the end the GA decided 10 Euro individual fee (at least) and 30 Euro Organization fee (at least).

6. Activity Report of 2005 and 2006 of ENOA

Since we had the GA a bit late this year we looked through both 2005 and 2006 activity report.

We started with presentation of the Activity Report of 2005 by PJ and he talked about the meetings of Bureau in Erquy, Floranse and Strasbourg during the year. After, he presented the long term strategy of ENOA and the new place of ENOA where the organization is on France after all. Moreover, he talked about the Erquy Training of ENOA and youth exchange in Scarlino. Afterwards we mentioned the cooperation projects of ENOA with Latvia, Poland, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria and Lithuania.

About the Activity Report of 2006, we talked about the Bureau meetings in Portugal and Bulgaria, we mentioned the ENOA projects and cooperation projects CMS in Poland, ENOA representation in Advanced Compass Training in Human Rights Education organised by COE, follow up project in Oltstynek, Poland. Moreover on the planning of ENOA we talked about Next GA, Large Scale Idea and No book. And PJ explained about the new bank account in France of ENOA. The activity report of ENOA of 2005 and 2006 is approved by 27 Favour and 1 Abstention vote.

7. Financial Activity Report of ENOA in 2005 and 2006

Laura explained us the financial report and we learned that we have over 10.000 Euro in our bank account at the moment. Financial Report was approved by 27 favour and 1 abstention votes.

8. Discussion on Fiscal Council

The discussion started since Gael was wishing to quit from the council. The GA Bureau explained that since we don’t belong to the Portugal Law any more, the French Law didn’t require the Fiscal council, unless we wanted. And the Bureau explained, if we wanted to have a fiscal council it had to be with odd number people, one or three people.

We discussed if we needed a fiscal council or not first and if we decide we want who would be inside of the council. Since Marian was candidate for the Bureau, he wouldn’t be able to be in the fiscal council at the same time. So the apart from some abstentional ideas in the GA we were discussing since the fiscal council was never working we didn’t need it but at the same time for the projects with big budget like the idea of large scale, it would be nice to have some people just to check the budget just in case people could do mistakes with very detailed financial issues.

So at the end of all the discussion, we decided to have an “internal paper” which the French Law lets to have for the organisations. Internal paper is some paper which the bureau proposes to GA, so only the GA can approve and by this paper could include the membership fee issues, fiscal council issues and there wouldn’t be any need to change the statute. And Laura proposed a new article to the Statute about this internal paper.

Other Issues

Article 40

The Bureau can propose an internal document validated by the General Assembly each year. So we voted on this article and the cancellation of the fiscal council, so in the future if there would be a need for fiscal council we would be able to arrange it by the internal paper.”

The new article proposal and cancellation of the fiscal council is approved by 27 favour and 1 abstention votes.

9. Election of the Bureau

Since Solene and Asia were elected in 2004 and Alex was wishing to quit the bureau, we had a need to vote for these 3 places in the Bureau. Solene, Asia, Marian and Paulina were the candidates. Before the elections they all presented themselves. Since Solene was not there we read the letter she wrote as a presentation and PJ presented Asia. After that we passed to elections with secret vote.

At the first turn, Solene was elected with 26 votes and Marian with 20 votes. But there was a tie between Asia and Paulina with 18 votes each so we voted again for them. With the final election Asia had 8 votes and Paulina had 19 votes and 1 vote was not able to be counted.

With the final decision of Bureau, our new Bureau members are Solene, Marian and Paulina. Congratulations to all new members, welcome to the Bureau 

10. Election of the President

After the election of the new bureau members, the bureau had a quick meeting in order to propose a president candidate. The bureau came up with the proposal of PJ again.

After the votation, our new president was PJ with 28 votes unanimity. Congratulations PJ!!!! I guess we love you 

11. Presentation and Voting of the Projects.

During the training participants came up with new ideas of some projects and we already had ideas of projects from 2006. First we presented ENOA projects and voted on them.

The first project was the Large Scale and PJ explained the idea again. The fusibility of Large Scale, in order to propose the project to GA, is approved with 28 favour votes.

The second ENOA project was “No book” and the proposal was the official evaluation of the “No book” project by the people who were responsible before. The evaluation of “No book” project is approved by 26 favour and 2 abstention votes. The third ENOA project was the Next GA which will be held in Slovenia. The idea of the GA is approved by 27 favour and 1 abstention votes.

Afterwards, we passed to the cooperation projects of ENOA;

First one was the training idea of Romania which was represented during the training and during the GA by Lili and Marian. The ENOA help will be at the point concerning trainer need. The cooperation proposal was approved by 28 favour votes. The second idea was the training in Cyprus which Sevi proposed during the training as well. The help of ENOA will be at the point of trainers and fusibility. The idea is approved by 28 favour votes.

Concerning the other projects,

Since new members arrived to ENOA during the training we decided to have a new communication team in order to try to develop the communication, newsletter, welcome kit, mail group problem in ENOA. Anatica, Melis, Basak, Lili and Sevi will be on the team and they will try new communication techniques for ENOA. The idea is approved with 28 favor votes. After the last point in the agenda, the members took floor for the last talks. With the good wishes the GA Bureau officially closed the GA… Eugine from Romania made a proposal to ENOA and everyone in order to participate during a festival in Romania with a presentation, workshop or just a stand. The idea was approved with 24 favour and 4 abstention votes.

12. Official Closing of The GA

Since the agenda was completed the GA Bureau closed officially the General Assembly 2006 of ENOA. ~ We wish best of everything to the colleges S.Melis Mani Janis Denista

23.04.2007. 12:50

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