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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

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Annual activity report ENOA 2006

Annual activity report ENOA 2006


1. The life of the bureau
2. Projects in 2006
3. Updates on past projects~
4. Planning ENOA
5. Administrative and financial issues
6. The research sector
7. Communication

1/ The life of the bureau

The work during the year

The bureau met 2 times in 2006 - Lisbon (Portugal) 8 & 9 of April 2006 - Bankya (Bulgaria) 24th of November 2006

In Lisbon, Alex announced that she ll leave the bureau the next year because of her personal life and Asia announced that she was pregnant! After the evaluation of the past months, the Bureau had the feeling to manage work not decided together and still not succeed to work well together… some frustration and team building needed! We also admire the new computer of ENOA, bought for €1150 with a mouse and a backpack. We decided to pay a bit more in order to have one with a big memory that will last longer then cheaper models. Bulgaria: The Bureau did (with the help and support of Denis) 4 application forms (CoE and European Commission) for the next GA in Bulgaria about Local Participative Diagnosis. We present twice each application forms and finally the last one from the EU was approved.

The training in Bulgaria is in link with the general assembly we had the members present so we used during the week some moments to discuss ENOA issues. At the moment this report is written the training is not finished yet so it is not included in this report. But any descission made will be written in the G.A. report.

CMS – Poland:

3 persons of the Bureau were in the team. It was good for them to gain motivation and to work together. The outcomes of this project is in one way visible because 3 participants became member and are present during the G.A. more info in the part of projects 2006.

Enoa in France:

As it was decided in the past GA in Erquy in 2005, the Bureau created a new ENOA association in France with a new bank account. From now, it will be much easier regarding burocracy and administration issues at least it should be.

2/ The ENOA projects, co-operation, support and representation in 2006

During the year the bureau followed the results of the follow up of the action-training organised by or in cooperation with Enoa, by contact with the coordinators of the projects. The bureau worked also on the future projects of Enoa (Training of youth workers, large scale), and the future cooperation projects of Enoa (Action- training in Romania, the Bulgaria process).

More details on the evolution of these projects are given in the parts: Enoa projects and cooperation projects. The contact making seminar The CMS took place from 10-18 of March in Poland. The participants where youth workers and volunteers from...Poland, Macedonia, Slovenia, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden and Cyprus. In the team we had PJ, Fabrice, Asia, Paulina and Arthuras. Luisa and Ana Tica were originaly in the team but because of personal impossibilities they were not in the team.

The group of the CMS was involved and motivated for the project. Most of them were very satisfied about the project and the perspectives. They exchanged around their realities in the youth field, the active youth participation in their countries, and how they implement this in their work. Some participants from Turkey and Portugal were interesting to organize an action training in their realities the group but since they came back from the CMS , the team members received no news according to their plans so we will need to check with them.

For some of the participants it was a good opportunity to discover ENOA , and understand more what we do and what kind of role we could play in link with their daily work. Some participants decided to become members. (2 from Turkey and 1 from Cyprus) Some projects were created between the participants of the group, the team will follow these and we will wait for questions from there side in order to see to which extend ENOA can, could, should play a role in them. In general we are satisfied about the project, but it didn’t achieve one main aim that was to create an exchange between youth workers experimented in dealing with the process of active youth participation. This was mostly due to the big diversity in the group of participants and at the same time a lot of them didn’t really corresponded to the profile we had in mind when writing the application. The problematic come from the difficulty in the selection of participants. The selection was late. We didn t re-motivate and inform well the coordinator of each country about their concretes tasks. Anyway, this project gave the opportunity to open ENOA for some new possible active members, some new organizations working in direct link with ENOA.

But one aim of the CMS was also to create a confrontation and discussions with youth workers working directly with young people around youth participation topic. Not all the participants were experienced in this field. So this was good to open ENOA to new partnership and members but we didnt succeed to achieve the aim to touch the planned target group.

ENOA representation.

Advanced Compass Training in Human Rights Education – ACT HRE: A long term advance training for trainers course on Human rights education organised by the Council of Europe. Five active members of ENOA were (without knowing from each other selected as participant for this project of 3 years. This might mean that ENOA should maybe also include HRE more into its actions? And maybe we can see what can be the place of ENOA in this training course?

3/ Follow up of the past action training during the year

We do not have a lot of news except for Poland as we did a project there.

Poland Olstynek

News given by Asia during bureau meeting The Role playing games group: continues to meet to do role plays and they want to continue. The leader of this group Pjotr was participant in the CMS in Olsztynek and after this he organised an international youth exchange in Olsztynek on role playing games.

Also during the CMS, the young people who were in Scarlino during the ENOA exchange came by and organised an intercultural party for the group, hee we could se that the small group has grown and has a good motivation.

4/ Planning ENOA

Next training + G.A. For the next GA we need to apply for the 1st of October, as it was decide to follow the different steps of the process of youth active participation we decided to organize a training around; The role of the youth worker in supporting youth initiatives or around the role of the youth worker in the process of youth participation. Most of us wanted to work on the first topic, to go deeper in one step… From the idea to action….place and role of the youth worker. Asia and Ana Tica will work on this application.

The Large Scale Idea:

During the meetings the bureau had (official meetings and meetings of some members over the year outside of ENOA, we continued to discuss about our future. As a bureau we had a lot of discussions on the future and where do we want to go from now, the discussions were fed by the fact that as “new” bureau we feel a bit overloaded with finalising (realising) projects that were initiated by the “old” bureau and more specific the No Book for which we do not find the solution. So in order to give a new energy, a new wind in the bureau – and the entire network we thought about the idea that we call the Large Scale. So from an initial idea of a long term process of 3 years linking different local territories that are in a process to promote AYP using the European dimension as a tool and by networking on the level of youngsters, youth workers, organisations and political level in order to have strong links on different levels in a long term process. From this idea we thought about giving it a local development dimension in order to go one step further then the AYP. So to work on empowerment BUT seeing and helping, guiding the youngsters to frame their reality into the word in which we live and to see them as real actors of the local development of their reality (on social, economical, environmental…level). As a bureau we feel that this project makes sense and could be a very good tool for the network and the involved members. The idea was discussed with some members outside ENOA activities and they showed an interest to be part of it. So the bureau decided to discuss it again during the training in Bulgaria in order to take some decisions and to start concretising the idea. We know that this large scale can be a good opportunity for the involved as for ENOA knowing that it will have some big impacts on the network (professional in ENOA for co-ordinating, maybe “closing” for new people because of time reasons…) but decisions concerning this we want to take during the G.A.

5/ Administrative and financial issue

The administrative and financial issues took a lot of time this year. - The situation In 2005 ENOA decided to move to France for different reasons, it was done in September 2005, because of different reasons opening a bank account took about one year and it was opened in October 2006. For the moment we are transferring the money to the bank account and we still need to contact E.U. and CoE about these changes. Anita doesnt want to keep the account open in Portugal because of different reasons and facilities so we will not have the choice to keep it open as we had thought before.

But as all is arranged in France we can continue to work.

The financial report

Asia send us the accountancy documents and Laura finalised it and will present it to the G.A.

6/ Research sector

The No-Book During the bureau meeting and the meeting with the coordination group. Were present during this meeting, Rodrigo, Anita, PJ, Ana Tica, Solene, Fabrice, and Asia. The results of this meeting: After discussing the situation at the moment (being the same as 6 months ago) we will send a mail to the participants of the study session, in the mail we put; - The non respect of the deadline of all the members of the group - Asking to the group who still want and can work on this book - The idea of creating some national group to continue the work - A deadline to send the answer, - The persons who do not answer will be considered as not anymore motivated. So we decide to continue to motivate the group of the study session by the creation of some national group motivate to work on some part of the group. After, the idea is to apply for a subvention so some people can meet during some days in order to finish the book with these people who are experienced in ENOA and the persons that where at the origin of the idea. This group will have the mission to review all that has been written so far. We need to check if these persons are interested to do this (Denis, Silvia, Anita, Alex, PJ, Solene, Asia,…)

These are possibilities that we need and want to discuss with the members the possible solutions and redefine the no book, the aims, the form. We need to see also about the engagements of the co-ordination group, as the initial people were Rodrigo, Denis, Anita, Silvia, Ana Tica (as bureau representative).

Since then Silvia, Anita and Rodrigo have said that they can not or do not want anymore to do this, meaning that we need to find new people or re-motivate the ones.

7/ Communication

Members The fee? We discuss about the importance of having organizations as members of enoa, more than individuals… Looking at the financial problems of ENOA, it can be interesting to have organizations as member in order to be able to ask the administrative subventions. Also if we see ENOA as a network of territories it is important that step by step the members of ENOA, become members who officially represent their territory. As of the fact that most organizations involved in ENOA are not so big we decide to propose to the next G.A. to have a less important fee for the organizations. We would like to fix this fee on for example € 30, if the organizations want to give more it is of course possible. Fabrice will work on a way of proposing this for the next G.A., and to explain it well. We also decided to send a welcome letter to the news members of ENOA, this to welcome them and also to explain a bit ENOA, their role and what ENOA could do for and with them. We also will send a letter like this to the “old” members as a kind of involvement motivator. Solène wants to make some proposals for these letters.

The flyer Solène will work on a new design of flyer and send it around to us.

The web site

Somewhere in August the website disappeared. After contacting Alex we knew that it was a problem concerning the German provider. All of the websites hosted by them are facing the same problems. This also means that the email of ENOA doesn’t work anymore. Alex is trying to find out if it is possible to get the information back and to create a new website. As Alex will leave the bureau she also said that she doesnt have the time anymore to take this task. So we need to find new people to take over.

The wiki, as it was in link with the website, also disappeared so we need to find all again by contacting all people involved to rebuild what we had after the study session.

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