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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

Don´t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

ENOA : 4, rue de la Chesnaie, 35250 Saint Sulpice la Foret, France

General Assembly Report 29th September 2007 Ptuj Slovenia

General Assembly Report

29th September 2007 Ptuj Slovenia

1. 10:00 Offical Opening of the GA.

14 members of ENOA (individual and organization) were present at the GA and 5 members gave their votation representation to other people ( Solène to PJ, Laura to Paulina, Fabrice to Gaelle, Melis to Basak and Lili to Marian).

The final count gave us that we were 19 members of ENOA.

2. Presentation of the GA Bureau

Presentation of Daniel Dumitrascu, Gaelle Guiton, Ozlem Basak Aytac, who were elected on 29th September 2007.

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Iffendic, Enoa Bureau Report

ENOA Bureau Meeting
France, Iffendic, 17th of May, 2008


Large Scale

TC and General Assembly in Romania (13-24 October 2008)

Next Bureau Meeting

Networking application

Study Session

Follow-up of the presidency 

Present: PJ, Laura, Asia, Solene, Marian

Report: Marian

Missing: Paulina, Fabrice

Study Session 

It will be happening in Strasbourg, 30 November – 6 December 2008. There is the possibility that in the team to be invited another person seeing the “too” French version of the present team.

On the other hand the Bureau agreed that the team of the Study session should be paid.

Next Enoa Bureau Meeting 

After doing an analysis about the next Enoa Bureau Meeting we changed the place. That means that we’ll not meet anymore in Belgium to PJ’s place, but in Portugal. So, next Bureau meeting of Enoa will be 19 – 21 September, Portugal, visiting Laura and discovering the territories she’s working in. In the same time we’ll see if linked to this ( before or after to have team preparation meeting for the TC and GA).

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Italy, Firenze


Dopo l’intervento del gruppo internazionale degli operatori del corso "Anima Giovane" organizzato da Enoa e promosso dal quartiere 3, la partecipazione dei ragazzi è cambiata.

Sono stati contattati un gruppo che si è autonominato "La Fontana". I ragazzi si incontrano nella piazza che si trova a pochi passi dal centro giovani. Hanno dai 16 ai 19 anni. Sono numerosi, da un minimo di 10 a un massimo di 20 ragazzi. Sono legati da rapporti di amicizia, dalla scuola o dallo sport che praticano insieme. Conoscevano il centro ma non erano mai stati dentro. Pochi di loro hanno interessi extra - scolastici o di carattere non sportivo. Solo uno suona ed è stato coinvolto nella sala prove da un ragazzo musicista frequentatore del centro.

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Evaluation AT Celerico

Resume of internal evaluation of the action training

projecto jovem Celerico 2002

Participants: Ashia, Sylvia, Anita, Sylvia, Eric

Why this project?

· A person describing a local situation in Portugal without activities for children or any structure for young people.

· A strategy for E.N.O.A to test an action training after Bosnia and to do a second step to be inside a local project but in a different field and context.

· A will of the municipality to sustain this kind of initiative or at least a situation described like that.

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Annual activity report ENOA 2006

Annual activity report ENOA 2006


1. The life of the bureau
2. Projects in 2006
3. Updates on past projects~
4. Planning ENOA
5. Administrative and financial issues
6. The research sector
7. Communication

1/ The life of the bureau

The work during the year

The bureau met 2 times in 2006

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General Assembly Report 06

24th November 2006 Bankya Sofia~

1. 09.30 Offical Opening of the GA.

22 members of ENOA were present at the GA and 6 members gave their votation representation to other people. The final count gave us that we were 28 members of ENOA.

2. Presentation of the GA Bureau

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Report of ENOA s General Assembly of 2003

Present :

Bureau: Denis Morel, Nik Paddison, Alexandra Geier, Silvia Volpi, Pieter - Jan Uyttersprot

Members: Eric Gaultier, Tommy Boden, Sonia Breda, Aleix Arranz, Fillipo Lange, Bobby - Jo Haarhoff, Janis Guslen, Ingibjörg Valgeirsdottir, Solène Bouyaux, Eugène Gherga, Luciano Romano, Mino Vicenti, Emanuelle Nargi, Joanna Rybacka

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Report of ENOAs General Assembly04

11 March 2004, Portugal

Present: Ana Silva, Silvia Volpi, Eugen Ghera, Ruta Dugstaite, Gaelle Guiton, Denis Morel, Luciano Romano, Girolamo Vicenti, Solene Boyaux, Eric Gautier, Gergana Dzhennova, Pieter-Jan Uyttusprot, Joanna Rybecka, Jusina Pinkivioiute, Nik Paddison, Ianis Guslens, Alexandra Geier, Laura de Witte, Liliana Danaricu, Sandra Gesualdo

A total of 20 members were presents with the right to vote, and 1 member (Emel Aydin) delegated her vote to Denis Morel. According to the law, for approving decisions or electing persons it is necessary half plus 1 of the votes, in this case 11 votes.

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Report of ENOA´s General Assembly

April 2004, France

Dear friends and members

In this first newsletter after the general assembly, I would just like to write a little introduction in order to say a few things.

First of all I would like to thank all the members for putting their trust in me as new president. I see this as a big personal challenge that is waiting for me and I will do all I can do to do the best job!

The only way that I can promise you this, is because I am one part of the bureau and together we will try to continue to keep ENOA going in the good direction.

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