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Global evaluation meeting of enoa - Altamura / Italy

17th - 28th September 2003

«The individual actor of his environment: Some new tools of social intervention for an active social participation of young people«.

Aims of the meeting:

-To evaluate ENOA, regarding the different dimensions and all the past projects: Action trainings, Youth exchange, European House, Research dimension -To define guidelines, recommendations, minimal conditions for future actions together with the members -To plan a long term action plan ( in term of dimensions and concrete projects ) -To open the network, to involve the members in the future projects -To continue the work on the construction of tools and methods for social intervention. -To work around the European House idea and to evaluate the work / evolution in the last year

Programme of the meeting:

1st part: enoa projects evaluation The first part was as it says around previous projects Enoa did so there we worked in groups with the people who participated or organised these projects. Here the second part was working in bigger groups, one around action trainings in general and the other around Youth exchanges in general. Their mission was to create, develop a document with guidelines to use before future action trainings. After each step in this process there were plenary sessions to keep everyone informed.

2nd part: building the future The second part was around the future of Enoa, consisting also of different working groups. First possible ideas were proposed, explained and discussed. Then teams of interested people were composed and they started working on different projects. There were also different groups working around the creation of new social intervention tools and methods towards young people. Especially tools we can use to get in contact with local youngsters who are not involved in the existing structures and organisations. Mean while there was a group working on a strategy and proposal for the municipality concerning the European House idea. Also after these sessions there were again plenary moments to keep everyone informed.

3rd part: organise the future The third part was then the concrete working on project ideas, the further development of our social intervention tools and methods. Also here the European House group went more concretely witch resulted in a meeting with people from the town council, discussing possible ways of working together and concrete proposals. And again the plenary sessions.

4th part: informal time The 4th part was held during the entire meeting mostly in the evening. These moments were kept to create links between members of the network to discover each others ideas, organisations, … They had these informal moments to work within the frame of Enoa as a network but not in the name of Enoa.


1st part: global evaluation: First result was a final evaluation held some months after the project witch gave the possibility to everyone involved to look at the project from a little distance and also to see what the actual results were. The second result here were the different documents with the guidelines.

2nd and 3rd part: Building and organising the future. Here the work continued on the research and development of ways to involve youngsters in their local community by preparing several experimental projects on this topic and the construction of pedagogical and methodological tools to involve and activate those local youngsters in their community. The results here are not yet clear as this is a continuous work that will grow during the existence of the network.

The 4th part: is difficult to see the results as they were not really official moments. But looking at the atmosphere during these moments we can presume that also these moments had good results.

Brief evaluation of the meeting:

The meeting was considered very productive for Enoa as almost all of the participants knew Enoa before and most of them participated in previous actions done by Enoa. This had as a result that the evaluations we did were done by team members together with the participants and were therefore very useful. During the meeting we all worked hard and constructive witch resulted in useful working documents. It gave our network again new energy to continue our work and our actions, and it reinforced the dynamic we had in the beginning. The work started on the future methods and intervention tools is based on complete and collective evaluation to make sure that we stay conscious of and consistent with the aims we have and we still feel needed and useful. The work done around new and experimental ways of social intervention towards young people was also a constructive process witch is not finished as we keep evolving and adjusting according to active experiences. Also new promising connections were made between individual members and member organisations witch is also one of the aims of our network.


As this was an evaluation meeting we reproduced some documents that we will use as guidelines for future projects. Also the work around our experimental tools and methods of social intervention towards youngsters and their involvement in the local community will be used in all future actions done by Enoa and they will be adjusted and improved according to each new experience. These documents are internal guidelines and tools for future actions.

Supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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