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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

DonĀ“t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

ENOA : 4, rue de la Chesnaie, 35250 Saint Sulpice la Foret, France

A contact Study Visit in Enoa

Poland, March 2006

The idea is to reflect and analyse with organisations that work directy with young people at local level on tools and methods for active participation and to create new tools and links between this organisation.

The aims are

- to exchange and analyse participants way of working on youth active participation. - to open Enoas reflexion and action on new way of working towards youth active participation and to have a permanent evaluation of the networks actions.

Aims for the group that will take part:


to meet and work with locals actors working directly with young people and involved in concrete actions of youth active participation. - to understand the local realities - to exchange and confront the visions of youth active participation promoted in the local realities. - to analyse the methodologies and tools used and reflect on news tools / methodologies adapted at the problems that the participants meet in their locales realities. - to confront methodologies of work with methodologies used by other people of the group. - to interrogate the coherence between the values and the action - to develop new partnerships and new projects. - to create an informal network of actors that are working in direct link with young people.

The methodology used during the project is based on the experiences of the participants. By exchanging, analyse, confront, create we will go deeper into the topic of youth active participation and give the opportunity to enrich participants experiences.

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