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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

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Newsletter Spring 2002

Dear friends,
Welcome to the newsletter of ENOA. We would like to thank to everyone that give the support to the newsletter group. The idea of having the newsletter was to have updated information about what happens in the certain period of time. So, this newsletter has information about what the period after the meeting in Altamura (Italy) till today. This letter will also receive the people that were not present in Altamura, so at the beginning we give the short description about this meeting.

1. Resume of the meeting
2. News from Italy, Bosnia and funding
3. Information from the Bureau
4. active exchange about animation and enoa

1. Resume of the meeting

Between 26. 01 and 06. 02. 2002 in Altamura-Bari (Italy) there was a meeting of ENOA. We would like to present you a short resume of that meeting. About 20 people from Europe met in Cappucini/Altamura to discuss about the possibility to create the European House of Animation, as a resource place for youth workers, place for exchanging the techniques, knowledge, a centre of documentation, meeting place of organizations, animators and of young people, a resource place at local level for local community in order to develop its social life. The working part started at 27-th of January, Sunday. Short after, were set the tasks for the week, and they were:

- To find the common view of the International house, sharing dreams, ideas and ethics. - To have a written document of the aims, the methodologies, the projects, the ethics and the structure of the house. To have Communication System - To have a realistic X-year time schedule and detailed task list.

After that, the way of work was presented. Everything started from the trunk of the tree that was drown on the wall in the working room. Everybody has right to draw the branches of the tree which should represent the dreams of the development of the idea of the European house of Animation. In the same time they have represented our dreams and wishes. That was a starting point for creating the groups of discussion that were named as "sogno groups" (dream groups). Sogno groups were: 1. Place and space 2. Communication 3. Values 4. Money 5. Activities 6. "Stazione centrale" (Central station) Each group has a duty to discuss on the certain subject. All the results of the group were distributed by one person "postino" ( the postman) to "Siazione centrale" where all information was systemized. The work started like in the real dream, with a lot of ideas, wishes, positive thoughts at the beginning, so by the end everything has become more real, objective and closer to everyones expectations. So, from the idea we have reach the reality (Sogno became reality) and were brought: values and aims of the house, communication system, how the house should look like (physically: with all space, facilities and infrastructure) and what kind of work could be done there, possibilities for fundraising. On the debating day a question was put: Should ENOA has one ore more houses of animation? By secret voting the decision was made that ENOA should create one house in the present with a possibility for others in the future. As a suggestions where the house should be, there were given 2 possibilities: Jesce (South of Italy) and Sarajevo (Bosnia). At the end the strategy has been done, and Anita has created the "Table of tasks", for which we have all agreed to follow.

In the time of the meeting in Altamura, the General assembly of ENOA was held, where the new board was elected.

President: Denis Morel (France) Vice President: Nik Paddison (UK) Treasurer: Silvia Volpi (Italy) Secretary: Pieter-Jan Uyttersprot (Belgium) Communication: Alexandra Geier (Germany) Member: Anita Silva ( Portugal) Member: Fabrice Le Floch (France)

We have to admit that we havent just worked hard but we had also a lot of fun. We had a chance to discover the South of Italy by visiting Matera, walking around Altamura. We also took part in the Manifestation organized by the group of citizens and organizations of Altamura against irrational industrialization of the town Altamura.

2. News from Italy, Bosnia and funding:


At the middle of February the group in Italy has translated all the needed documents, and has presented them to the Town Council. They have communication with the responsible from the Town Council, but because of political changes in Italy, they still havent got solution for Jesce. But, luckily the good team of Italy has provided a contract with the Town to use Jesce Place. The contract will be signed soon (maybe while you read this paper). The partner organization is Synergia. The future plan is maybe to find a private place for the future.


The search for suitable place has started. The good thing is that to rent or to buy a building in Sarajevo is no expensive. Berina has already some meetings with people that are familiar with the business of renting and selling buildings. About partner organization, there are some that are excited by the project. One of them has find a house that is near the border with Serbia.


We have information from Anita, that the bank Account of ENOA in Portugal is released. The money are in our hand again and we hope will use them all.

3. Information from the Bureau:

The future project of ENOA:

Promoting youth initiatives in rural areas in Portugal

From the 23 of June until the 5th of July. After a history of already 2 years we are finally going to do it. It is an action training with subventions by the Council of Europe. We found a new local coordinator Nuno. He works in the area and has agreed to be the local contact. The description of and application for the project has been sent around and you can find it on the website. This project is a bit like the one in Bosnia, working to promote social development, so it is important to have a follow up and to work with local participants.

Tutti Pazzi in Piazzi (Crazy people in the street) in Jesce/Italy

From 3 September until 15 September. The team members are: Fabrice, Anita, Eugen, Denis, P.J. and if possible someone from a local organisation like The Corvo. The date is connected with the festival of the municipality of Altamura. The idea is to work together with small local organisations that will organise a small festival at the same time of the festivities of the municipality. To create all kinds of creative things with participants and local people. But more you can find on the website. There will also be a connection with the E.H.

"Promote the active participation of disadvanted youth in links with the local community" in Coventry/England

October 2002 A little bit like Bosnia but with refugees in the context of a city, working to build bridges between refugees and the local community. For further details on date, concept and team we wait for Nik.

General Assembly

From 31 of January until 8 of February 2002


We thought about working a bit more on the " political role " of the animator, around anti - racism awareness. What can we do? Is it the role of ENOA to do this? How can we reach more people doing this? We agreed on the fact that we should work more on the " antiracism awareness " by animators, learning them to realise that they have / are a powerful tool to influence young people and children, ….

4. Active exchange about animation and enoa

For the exchange of exchange on practice and theory of animation, streetwork, intercultural communication we have two tools on our website: the chatroom and the message-board. At the chatroom you simply have to enter your name and then chat ... if there is someone! You can do meetings there with your friends, collegues etc.! The message-board is working like a pin-board, you can add put news there or answer to others. When you want to answer to others just click on the message you like to give your commend. If you have any questions about this, please ask Alex. We hope we will soon have a lifely discussion on the website!!! Just try it!

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