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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

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Newsletter December 2006


1. Training Course
2. The General Assembly
2.1 - Election of the GA Bureau
2.2 - Presentation+vote of the Activity Report 2005 and 2006
2.3 - Presentation+vote Financial Report
2.4 - Discussion on the Fiscal Council
2.5 - Election of the Bureau members
2.6 - Election of the President
2.7. Presentation and vote of ENOA projects
2.8 - Cooperation projects
3. Opinions

Training Course

From 17th to 24th of November 2006 took place in Bankja - Bulgaria, the training course + General assembly: "Local diagnosis“ starting point to promote active youth participation at local to European level"

With a full programme the 19 selected participants actively worked in the topic issues: group reflections and different dynamics aimed to promote the sharing of ideas and the bridging of all the theoretical concepts with each participant local territory through an simultaneous action analyse were the key methods used by the team in order to facilitate the finding of a common understanding regarding Participatory Diagnosis as a sustainable approach to promote active youth participation.

This training need resulted as an outcome of the long-term strategy of the network regarding ENOA training sector which is train the local organisations members on the AYP process defined in Erquy (and recently adapted in Bankja) from the preparation till the follow up of the youth initiatives.

Simultaneously in this training we took the time to deeply reflect on ENOA: Once upon a time ENOA as created, who was there, when and why? How it continuing to developed? Which mainly difficulties it s has faced? Today which straights, weakness and opportunities still exist in ENOA? These were some of the questions that we debate and reflect on.

The General Assembly

2.1- Election of the GA Bureau

There were 3 people interested in these functions so after voting the GA bureau for the year 2006 are: Melis Mani, Janis Guslens and Denitsa Hristova.

2.2 - Presentation+vote of the Activity Report 2005 and 2006

Since we had the GA a bit late this year we looked through both 2005 and 2006 activity report. The annual activities report was presented by PJ. (If you would like to read it all please send as an email.)

2.3 - Presentation+vote Financial Report

The financial report was presented by Laura de Witte. She presented the budget and the types of costs (outcomes and incomes) in ENOA. Laure explained us the financial report and we learned that we have over 10.000 Euro in our bank account at the moment.

2.4 – Discussion on the Fiscal Council

As ENOA official seat was moved to France we don t belong any more too Portuguese law. French Law didn t require the Fiscal council, unless we wanted. In this GA we decide to discuss on the need of have or not this body within the network. Why this discussion? Fiscal council was never working so we didn t need it but at the same time maybe for some future projects, especially if with a big budget, like the idea of implement a large scale project for 3 years, it would be nice to have some people just to check the budget.

So was decided to have an "internal paper" which the French Law considers. Internal paper is some paper which the bureau proposes to GA, so only the GA can approve and by this paper could be include different issues of the network and there wouldn t be any need to change the statute. So in the future if there would be a need for fiscal council we would be able to arrange it by the internal paper. A new article to the Statute about this internal paper was voted:

"Other Issues

Article 40

The Bureau can propose an internal document validated by the General Assembly each year.

2.5 - Election of the Bureau members

Since Solene and Asia were elected in 2004 and Alex was wishing to quit the bureau, we had a need to vote for these 3 places in the Bureau. Solene, Asia, Marian and Paulina were the candidates. Before the elections they all presented themselves. Since Solene was not there we read the letter she wrote as a presentation and PJ presented Asia.

After an enthusiastic and difficult process we had the new elected bureau members: Solene Bouyaux, Marian Ancuta and Paulina Tymoszczuk. Congratulations to all new members J Welcome in the bureau for them, and big thanks to Rybacka Asia and Geier Alexandra for the time and the work done for the network.

The bureau is composed by

Uyttersprot Pieter-Jan Bouyaux solene Fernandes Ana Tica Dewitt Laura Le Floch Fabrice Ancuta Marian Tymoszczuk Paulina

2.6- Election of the President

PJ was re-elected with 28 vote s unanimity. Congratulations PJ!!!! I guess we love you J

2.7. Presentation and vote of ENOA projects

The GA have vote in favor of

Next GA + training:

Regarding at the needs of the members of ENOA and the work done till now in Enoa around the youth active participation, the bureau had propose to continue giving the opportunity to the members of the network to reflect and experiment around the different steps of the process of Active youth participation define together. Was decided to organize one training around the role of the youth worker in supporting youth initiatives. For this next GA+ Training course was already applied on last 1st of October and it ll be held in Slovenia.

Large Scale Project

A fesibility visit is planned for next year, in order to go deeper in this idea of implement a large scale project involving different local/ national territories inside the network. The idea of this project came from the need expressed by the members in promote effectives links between the values and methodologies carry out by ENOA and their work in their own local realities towards the promotion of a sustainable active youth participation.

No Book

An official evaluation for the "No book" project has been proposed. This evaluation should been done with the people who were initially responsible for this idea and the ones who still are interest on it. Basically the idea of this evaluation is for decide about the relevance of this project and for the definition of a clearly action plan in order redefine how to work on it.

2.8 - Cooperation projects

- 2.8.1 TC in Romania (presentation)

After the feasibility visit in Tirgu-Jiu, the idea of organize a project in cooperation with ENOA still relevant for our Romanian members but since it there have been some changes in the local community and especially in the organization that initially wanted to apply. Lili and Marian present a training idea for Romania and this cooperation proposal was approved.

2.8.2  Feasibility visit in Cyprus

Sevi required from ENOA the support to work in cooperation in order to held a feasibility visit in Cyprus in order to go deeper in the opportunity to run an action training in the name of her organization.

Bulgaria process

Gergana and Dessi have been working since the last year on the idea of promoting youth active participation in their work using Action training as a tool. Gergana and Dessi as part of Organisational Support Foundation did the link between ENOA and the Bulgarian context. The proposed Project is a long-term process including several steps, as: Identifying a local youth organization to be a partner in the process Involving them in the process by inviting them to participate in an Action Training in Vilnjus in June 2005. And these days hosting ENOA training Course + GA "Local diagnosis – starting point to promote active youth participation at local to European level"

Communication Group

Since new members arrived to ENOA during the training we decided to have a new communication team in order to try to develop the communication, newsletter, welcome kit, mail group problem in ENOA. Anatica, Melis, Basak, Lili and Sevi will be on the team and they will try new communication techniques for ENOA.


Eugen Gherga from Romania made a proposal to ENOA and everyone in order to participate during the INTERNATIONAL ROMA FESTIVAL, TIMISOARA - ROMANIA. It is planned to be in the last week of June 2007 wit the participation of hundreds of people from whole Europe.

Two ENOA member organizations, AvangArt Association and Intercultural Institute, are involved in supporting the festival organizers. Currently the festival program is under preparation, being intended to include different sections (like theatre, concerts, exhibitions, diverse workshops, etc.) ENOA is invited for having a space within sections. For this ENOA bureau will keep contact with the member organizations on it spot in order to arrive at the best option possible. Taking this festival opportunity by answering to the invitation of being present, ENOA visibility will increase, as media will massively cover the event. Plus new contacts will open with the participating bodies.


It has been 5 years since Janis Guslens had his first contact with ENOA. Meanwhile, he took part in 5 actions. He defines ENOA as a "way of thinking". "Every time is fantastic with ENOA. People change, but feelings and ideas remain the same. This means good/right attitude towards life" he says. Janis found the TC as: "Interesting, useful. There were lots of thing to think about. It seemed like the training was well understood by everyone."

During our stay in Bankia, we were hosted by a Bulgarian "Girl-Power-Gang". Except the team members Dessi & Gergana, all of them were just meeting with concepts of active participation, youth work, networking, etc. We had a little chat with Valentina, one of the liveliest members of "The Gang". She explained that she had participated one international event in Vienna called Young European Solidarity, which was only for teenagers. She expressed her first impression of ENOA as "WOUW!!!" Does this sound familiar to any of you?? J So far, she sees ENOA as a resource of ideas, projects and support. Valentina also wants to tell all of you that "It s a wonderful life, if you know what to do!"

We also asked a couple of questions to Dessislava Ilieva and Gergana Dzenkova who did a great job in each and every step of this process. Let s see what they have to say: Q: "What are your impressions about this week?" Dessi: "It was very intensive. I found it quite difficult at times as I was juggling with my roles as a participant, a team member and logistics person. But I still see this as a week off my work; because it fills me with energy." Gergana: "This is my first time as a team member. I met many challenges. I am impressed with the fact that all the people here are open to share and to give." They both declared that they were a little upset for not having the time to contribute as trainers. As professional trainers for about 7 years, they would like to share the knowledge with the rest of us in more professional ways. Hope our dear bureau members will read these lines and consider these two talented trainers for the future reference.

Last but not least, we wanted to get the opinions of one of the "New Bureau Members". Being present at the cozy coach of Hotel Drujba, when our interviewer was too lazy to go around and search for "the news"; Marian happened to be the one J

Marian has been in touch with ENOA since 2004. He participated the feasibility visit in Romania, the General Assembly 2005 in Erquiy, and the Action Training in Villnius. He seemed a little nervousNo:) about his new responsibility, when he was saying that now he has to rearrange his timetable and agenda to find the time for ENOA. However it turns out that he is calm and just watching for the process with bureau meetings. Now, we would like to leave the space for Marian: "ENOA is not the bureau; all that has been touched by ENOA changes in a better way: in work, self reflexion and vision, feeling powerful, great energy… With the new bureau, we will do good things; beautiful, crazy, constructive projects. We will grow up. Remember, there is no happiness without action!!"

As final words, we would like to thank everybody for their contributions and positive attitudes. We will have more opinions from different friends in every issue of ENOA Newsletter.

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