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Newsletter 2003

Hi!!! Hello, bonjour, hallo...

It is a long time since the last newsletter. Just before the general assembly of Enoa at the end of the month it is time to give you some news:

This newsletter will be a combination of different letters and texts from different people.

1. What happened with the European House in Altamura in the last year?

2. Action-training in Portugal

3. Action-Training in England

4. Youth exchange in Italy

5. Coming up

6. Next Newsletter & Thanks

1. What happened with the European House in Altamura in the last year?

from Tonio Creanza

Mino told me to write something about the situation with the Municipality of Altamura concerning the European House in Masseria Jesce. To bad not so important news or steps done.
After the meeting in February 2002 we proposed to the municipality the idea to create the European house having as a starting point the Masseria Jesce.
We where working on this structure since 1995, having international work camps to restore the site and the aim was to create an international centre for cultural exchanges.
So after our proposal "to establish the European house in the cultural centre" they answered that it is a great project and they would write as contract with Sinergie that will have the responsibility to manage the structure.The contract that the responsible person of the Municipality wrote for us wasn't a good contract for us: There are still works to do on this Masseria to use it, like the septic system and the plumbing, fixing the kitchen etc..
This responsible wrote also that we had to do this kind of works with our money (that we don't have)
Also he didn't give so much time to do all this works, if we were able to find the money.
So we didn't accept to sign the contract. After a couple of weeks, the responsible in charge to do the contract,resigned at the Municipality.
So we were waiting for a new responsible person.Before Christmas the new responsible was saying that we would work together to find a good solution for the contract. But because of the holidays nothing happened.
So now we are going to speak about this matter.
We cross the finger.
Ciao a tutti e a presto, Tonio Creanza

2. Action-training in Portugal

“Promoting youth initiatives in rural areas” 23rd June to 5th of July” in Celorico de Basto

This project main aim was to work on the self organisation of the local community in the villages.

It was an action training, mixing a group of international social workers and youth workers, and some participants from the local community.

Those local participants should be individuals who would like to contribute of the social development of their local community.

Our goal was to identify and promote the local initiatives, and try to develop it in a long term perspective.

For us there were two main results of this action training. The first one and most immediate one too, was the final project built by the local youngsters and the international participants.

The final project was a written proposal, fully made by the 24 local youngsters and embodied the ideas of the different groups which the youngsters created during the Action-Training.

The main concept of this proposal was the creation of a Youth house where youngsters could meet and develop different activities such as: debates, Environmental Education, listening to music together, watching movies, reading, playing games, study, etc…

Some of the youngsters also expressed their will for organising other activities like:

Journalism : This youngsters proposed to write about relevant issues for the local youth as well as the news about the activities happening in the Youth House.

Radical Sports: The group that supported this idea wanted to find the means to build their skate park, where they would practice and teach skateboarding, BMX and rollerblade skating.

Dance: A group of girls were very interest in this activity, witch involved basically the wish to learn and practice all kinds of dance.

Children Camps: This proposal was to organise different activities for children, and when possible even a children summer camp.

All these ideas were presented in one global proposal, where youngsters defined their aims and shared tasks. The proposal was presented to different Youth Leaders, who were willing to support them, as well as to the City Hall.

We also believe that there will be a concrete outcome in the future from the fact that during the project the local youngsters could sit and talk together with the Youth Leaders. In this way, the project was also a mediator between them, which in the future will facilitate further projects made by the youngsters.

The second main result from this Action –Training was the fact that international participants were, in fact, totally involved in managing this process with the youngsters. This brought them new visions and new skills which contributed to their personal development in a process that was seemed an almost impossible challenge in the beginning, but, showed very good results in the end.

The fact that participants could live through this process in a successful way is the first step for them to promote this strategy in their own countries in successful ways too, which was one of this Action-training main aim.

Concerning the aims, we believe that they were reached, in a more then satisfactory way and the methodologies used had concrete positive outcomes.

For the local community, this event brought a new dynamic and new perspectives of active participation, both for the Youth Leaders, City Hall and the local inhabitants. Specifically the local youth realised that it is possible for youngsters to get together and intervene in their local communities.

For the participants, this experience was a bit of a provocation, as it wasn’t a «regular» seminar or Training. Although we mentioned several times in the preparation documents that this was an Action – Training and active methodologies would be prevailing, we found some of the participants in the beginning very resistant or not well prepared to work directly and intensively with the groups of local youngsters.

Therefore the team was very busy trying to bring to this process not just the global community but the participants themselves. During the process, participants started to integrate more and more, and also to overcome the language barriers and finding creative ways to interact with the youngsters. So for them this project brought not only new skills and new techniques, but also new points of view on how to empower communities and groups to be autonomous in their own development.

3. Action-Training in England

“Animation as a tool of social intervention towards young refugees”

25th October to 3rd November 2002 in Coventry.

by Solene Bouyaux

The aims of this project was to Exchange our experiences and methods for work with refugees, promote activities that exist for young refugees in Coventry, create links between organisations for working with refugees locally regionally and internationally, develop our understanding of animation, develop and create news tools for working with refugees, working one the way of valorisation of young refugees competences and skills.

We have create a strategy for work in this field and the group were divided in 3, one group working with a group of refugees at the venue, one group with the youth in the street/park, one group working with local organizations.

The result of this project was a mixed with positive aspects and negative aspects.

It was not so easy to organize and to manage this project concerning the logistic aspect who took a lot of time during the project, and we lost a lot of energy with this.

Each group had build a strategy, but create the link between each group was not so easy, because the strategy was not a really common one. More materiel the weather was not so good (sorry England, but it was true).

But we were really happy because we success, to create more links between the local organizations, to involve the young more in the jigsaw group and also their families. In the work with the young in the street we succeeded to have stronger links with them and we started to work with them on their ideas. The problem was that the time for the Animation was to short and also the weather conditions.

One part of the municipality/ city council has agreed to fund the venue for some project work with young refugees and it may even include some salary. The Venue is becoming a focus of expertise in this area.

4. Youth exchange in Italy"Tutti i pazzi in piazza" (Crazy people in the street)November 2002 in Altamura

by Mino Vicenti

Last November Altamura hosted a youth exchange organized and run by ENOA in cooperation with the local partner SINERGIE. Actually it was not the first experience of the network in town, because in 2001 the General Assembly of ENOA has been hosted here. But we can say it was the first time really involving youth in town in order to build projects and exchange experiences. The topic of the meeting itself, “The contribution of youth to the development of local social life” has been chosen like a pretext to empower a process that Sinergie started a few years ago, starting youth projects and hosting and sending long term volunteers abroad. The meeting between the local organization and the network was like a discover for both of us and we saw it was possible to cooperate and to develop at the same time the local and the European dimension in youth projects.

The exchange has been a further opportunity to underline the importance of animation as a tool for social intervention. The participants, coming from Italy, France, Portugal and Romania spent 10 days working together on different actions in the street and they prepared a lot of materials and a many new ideas arise from this exchange. During the meeting the trainers tried to focus also on some technical aspects of the Youth Program. That means they have been showing the different actions and the different opportunities offered by the same program. Some of the participants started to put their ideas on the paper and started to build a project and I’m convinced that very soon we will be able to see some more concrete results of that youth exchange.

Another important concern is about the local impact. Altamura is starting to be used to street animation, something that was absolutely unknown only two years ago. And this is the result of different joint actions (cooperation with ENOA, EVS volunteers, other groups like Mictho who came here) and all of this still let us believe that Altamura is the right place where to establish the European House of Animation.

from Denis Morel:


We have work directly on the realities of the youth, their worries, preoccupations, for this we have utilized different kinds of tools, workshop of competencies, coffee-debate, for creating a confrontation between the realities of the youth.

We have build a collective experience in the street with different kinds of workshop.

This exchange was really interesting, the ideas of projects are here : a group of Italian had decided to meet together to know how they can continue to act in their environnement? Organisation of a youth exchange between the youth of Romania, France and Italy.

The creation of a network of students, a lot of projects, we will see. But you can believe me that this experiences give us the expectation too continue to utilize this tools.

5. Coming up

· Meeting: Enoa´s general evaluation and General Assembly

28th February to 8th March in Altamura, Italy

· Action-Training

June 2003 in Firenze, Italy

· more Action-Trainings

during the year 2003 in Poland and Latvia

6. Next Newsletter & Thanks

The next newsletter will be published after the General Assembly in Altamura in March 2003.

Thank you for your support to this newsletter:

Solene Bouyaux, Mino Vicenti, Tonio Creanza, Jasminka Patceva and Denis Morel

01.01.2008. 04:16

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