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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

DonĀ“t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

ENOA : 4, rue de la Chesnaie, 35250 Saint Sulpice la Foret, France


You want to support the work of enoa and its action-trainings and exchanges?
You like our concepts on animation?
You like to have an activity (action-training, seminar etc.) in your community, country?

There are different ways to get involved in enoa - European Network of Animation:

You can support our work with a donation:
If you want to donate to enoa, please contact us and send us statuts and a description of your organisation.

Activities with enoa
We like to give you the opportunity to transfer the approach of animation to your local community.
If you have an idea to carry out an activity in the field of animation and you like to do this in cooperation with enoa, please contact us. For more information go to projects!
Let´s build something together.

lWhat is an Action-Training?
+ Enoa action training is a method for social intervention which reaches the local community by working on its needs. Action training is the distinctive tool ENOA uses t approach and involve the population. It consists of being visible and active in open, public spaces where citizens normally interact by using specific tools. The basic idea is o promote participation by creating a special atmosphere in which people can express themselves freely. The objective is not only to interact and entertain people, but to show that constructive animation is strictly related to citizenship. Activation looks for social changes and consequently a general improvement of the quality of life. For this purpose its stimulates democracy by encouraging people to take responsibilities for personal and collective needs.
+ Street animation basically anything can be street animation. ENOA uses street animation as an interactive tool to reach the local community and to establish the first contact. In the Ogre action training, street animation will be used as an interactive tool to establish the first contact between the international group of participants and the local community.

  l Carry out your own activity! ENOA is supporting people and organisation to carry out their own projects, action-trainings and exchanges.
If you or your organisation is interested in carrying out a project in animation, please contact us.
For the coherence between the values and principles of ENOA we formulated some fundamental conditions to carry out action-trainings. This is a result of the analyse of our first projects.

1/ Involvement of local level :
This is the most important point to have a relevant impact, and to have it in a long term perspective, which means to give as much chances as possible to start really a process which can continue later without us.

The local authorities
: Between 1 year and 6 months before : sensitisation, which means
- Information on the project, regarding the values (energise social life of the community through young people, promote active youth participation and youth initiatives…)
- To have a look together on the local resources, organisations, initiatives (starting the diagnostic of the local community)
- Partnership : the aim is to involve the municipality, to support our values… So the idea is to negotiate with them, that they cover some costs, give us logistical support (food, lodging, local transport…)

Local actors :
- Between 1 year and 6 months before the project : Continue the diagnostic, meet and give information on the project with all the possible local actors in youth field… To know and visit the reality.
- Between 6 and 4 months before the project : Involvement of the local actors (not everybody, but the one that we feel relevant for the project and the process) :
. By having some name of local participants (minimum of 4 local participants, who
could continue after, which means with the official support of local organisations,
coming in the name of those organisations)
. By deciding together possible links during the project if they can not give
participants : meetings, visits, meals, during the project…)

2/ The selection of participants :
This is to a really important point in term of impact and coherence of our projects :
- having participants who are actual members of ENOA or directly send by them (minimum of 25%)
- Having local participants, who knows the reality and are local and/or potential actors in youth field
- Let the possibility of having participants coming from youth organisations from the different territories where ENOA did projects (Jablanica, Celorico, Coventry)
- New participants, link with youth field as experienced volunteers or as professionals

3/ The team :
The team is really the referent in term of pedagogical aspect, and coherence with our values.
For this, all persons who will be a team member in ENOA Action-Training should have lived one action-training as participant, to really know and feel the process.

The team should be composed by :

- Local team member, who really live and/or work in the area where the project will be done… Each Action-Training should come from a need from the reality, so come from a member of ENOA who believe that our approach can benefit to the local community.
This local team member, who know the local reality (authority, youth sector, needs…) will have to do all the job of sensitisation + involvement at local level (see up).
In term of ideal, this local team member could involve 1 or 2 other local person to take care about the logistic

- Bureau members : a minimum of one (between 1 and 2) to keep a coherence, a link between our projects, as space of realisation of our values

- one other member of ENOA, to open the process and work on the multiplier effect…

l Application to seminars If you like to take part in a seminar, you can contact us: info @ or use the contact - link.

A membership is only needed, if you join the anual General Assembly and the elections within. To participate in our activities, to receive the newsletter and other information, you don´t need to be a member.
To become a member and be able to vote in the General Assembly:
The anual membership fee is
75 Euros for organisations and
20 Euros for individuals or
an solidarity fee.

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