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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

DonĀ“t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

ENOA : 4, rue de la Chesnaie, 35250 Saint Sulpice la Foret, France

Training Course - Participation is a Human Right - Cyprus, 2012

Finally ENOA will be present in Cyprus!! ENOA is organizing in partnership with the organization MAGEM an international training course with a strong local dimension on the topic of Youth participation as a human right. The training will take place in Famagusta, N. Cyprus between the dates 2nd - 10th June, 2012. The project is very important to make the voice of youth in N. Cyprus be heard at international level. Supporting their human rights as youth workers will increase the importance of ENOA work. During the project we offer you perfect experience and fun on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Be also ready to taste the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea!! For more information you can contact Sevilay Kucuksu :

11.08.2011. 12:39

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