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At this site, we like to give you a short overview, about our ideas on the technics and methods of sociocultural animation, streetanimation, empowerment, participation, interculturality, streetwork and networks! We also like to have an exchange of concepts, games and literature for animation!

So if you have some good ideas or experiences, you can contact us!

Don´t mind to give us your ideas and questions on this technics and methods!

ENOA : 4, rue de la Chesnaie, 35250 Saint Sulpice la Foret, France

Long Term Strategy

After a long period of reflection and discussion, ENOA establishes a new strategy for the next years.

Research sector

It wants:

- To formalize the experimentations, methodologies and reflections of the network using different supports (documents, books, CD’s, ICT…)

- To be in a constant evaluation perspective of the tools and methodologies used by the network.

- To have a parallel reflection between the actions in territories and theoretical approaches.

The first steps should be:

1. Creation of a presentation document of ENOA for communicating experiences and competencies, reinforcing or creating partnerships and valorising activities and projects.

2. Compiling all the documents we have: organisation of the archives

3. Improving the website and wiki

The research sector will be transversal to all sectors and working areas.

Training sector

Pool of trainers and multipliers

It wants:

- To continue to develop and improve the network of competencies in ENOA,

- To transfer, use and disseminate all the knowledge, methodologies and philosophy (know-how) that ENOA has gained during the all years providing different types of trainings, consultancies and testimonies for promoting Active Youth Participation at local, national and European level

- To explore methods and tools on AYP used until now by ENOA in linked with other realities

- To promote quality criteria’s for the youth work in Europe

Regarding the experiences and competencies of ENOA gained for the previous work, the main topics for training and multiplying should be:

Action-training project: To train European Social Youth Actors on the active youth participation in their territories with a theoretical approach and by a real action with young people in a local territory of the hosting local organisation. The international group creates a dynamic that initiates or supports the youth initiatives in the local territory. Organizing long term perspective training by following participants in their initiatives at local and international level promoting active youth participation on local sustainable development

Local and international trainings: On the topic link with active youth participation and sustainable local development (Active youth participation, place of the youth worker, participative diagnosis, networking, partnership, animation…)

Youth exchanges: Support our members and participants in training in organizing youth exchange to use the European dimension as a tool of youth participation.

The pool of trainers and multipliers will be the main topic of the next TC linked to the 2009 GA: “Training for Trainers and Multipliers: developing competences to disseminate and transfer Active Youth Participation issues, concepts and experiences with a specific focus on using ENOA philosophy and methodologies”

Internal training for trainers: Trainings to explore and confront our work with theoretical approaches and experts (Local sustainable development, Territories / communities, Capacity building, Partnership, Networking, Human right, active youth participation…)

Long term project on Network of local territories

This project for us is promoting a common vision of sustainable local development by youth participation

It wants:

- To develop ENOA as a network of territories with several actors (young people, youth workers, members of NGO…)

- To Provide motivating opportunities with a European dimension for the young people of the partner communities

- To raise competences of youth workers dealing with AYP, improving the quality of their work as well as promoting the growth and recognition of local networks

It will be a long term project cooperation of 3 years, using action-research methodologies and philosophy, which allows us to evaluate/measure the results that can stimulate the continuation of the project

It will be a combination of different activities: Support youth initiatives/AYP Local networking Exchange on an international level Training, both local and international (Local sustainable development, Territories / communities, Capacity building, Partnership, Networking, Human right, active youth participation…)

Lobby/Advocacy sector

It wants:

- To participate in events, symposiums, conference, festivals, workshops dealing with the same topics of the network

- To be part in political reflection on youth participation at European and local level To do advocacy and lobby on Active Youth Participation

- To help the members of ENOA to use the recognition of the network in the activities they implement on active youth participation in their territories.

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